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Mary Barnes Maine artistMary Barnes artistic roots are grounded in abstract expressionism with Kandinsky, Twombly, and Dine. Her love color with all its complexities and the evidence of stroke by an emotional hand. She has roamed the shores of the Maine coast since the early 1950's, when she came to visit her grandmother on Mount Desert Island. . From there her visual world was formed which she has shared through teaching, raising children, and the making of art.

Diana Roper McDowell Maine Watercolors"Anyone might admire Schoodic Point, but they have not really seen it until they've viewed Diana Roper McDowell's 'Sunrise Over Schoodic and Catnip Island – Lamoine' a brilliant and meticulous watercolor wash of yellows and creams contrasted against impregnable black woods and distant purple mountains"-Bar Harbor Times
The powerful presence of Melissa Greene's pots stems from the way they balance the narrative and the decorative. Some of them describe her past–plants and animals in places she's lived, like the Atlantic coast and the Maine mountains–while others tell of the strength and creativity she sees among women in other cultures.
Lisa Tyson Ennis PhotographyLisa Tyson Ennis honors photography’s past by working strictly with historical photographic processes, including large and medium format cameras, black and white film, hand toning, hand painting, and primarily natural light. In her work Lisa is exploring symbols and often works at night when staircases, bridges, paths, trees, rocks and oceans reveal a sense of mystery and peace.

Walt Whitman - Americans Who Tell The Truth- ©Robert ShetterlyAmericans Who Tell The Truth, Robert Shetterly paints great Americans who spoke the truth and combines their images with their words.

Roxana Robinson is the author of the biography Georgia O'Keeffe; short story collections A Glimpse of Scarlet, and Asking for Love; novels Summer Light, This Is My Daughter, and Sweetwater.

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